Leica SL2-S - simply perfect

Like every time, the 20 best photographs will be awarded an exhibition at the Leica 6x7 Gallery in Warsaw, and the author of the Grand Prix will additionally receive a Leica SL2-S camera and a voucher worth 1,000 EUR redeemed at leicastore.pl. The Leica SL2-S is the most versatile camera on the market and gives you access to Leica's exceptional optics. The monolithic housing body, and the fantastic full-frame sensor gives you access to L-Mount lenses and the legendary optics of the M-System!

The sealed design allows it to be placed wherever it belongs, and your photos can be used right away with the Leica Fotos app. The SL2-S is a camera made to take pictures. It is a device for enthusiasts and professionals. Do you value image quality and ergonomics? This camera is for you, do not hesitate and submit your photos today!

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