Regulations of the Leica Street Photo Contest – hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations.”

§1. Organizer

The Leica Street Photo Contest – (hereinafter referred to as “the Contest”), is being organized by 6 × 7 LLC, with its registered office in Warsaw (ZIP: 01-689), at Rudzka 28 lok uz. 2 street, registered by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under number 0000330803 (hereinafter ” Organizer”). The information, provided by the Participant, will be used for the proper conduct of the Contest, including delivering a possible prize.

§2. The duration of the Contest.
The Contest runs from the announcement on 17.11.2023 till 08.01.2024, 7:59 PM (CET). The application form will then close, and the Jury will start voting. The results of the contest will be announced to the public no later than 25/01/2024.

§3. Themes of the Contest.
The subject of the submitted works should refer to street photography.

§4. Competition Commission.
The Organizer will appoint a jury (“Jury”), consisting of min. 3 persons. The list of members of the Jury will be announced on the website. The jury will evaluate the submitted entries and select the finalists and the winner of the Grand Prix. Jurors will be provided with submitted works. Voting will take place via an online system, equipped with an access verification system. 30 works, that received the most votes from the jury members, will be counted as finalists’ works. The winning work will be selected as a result of a separate jury vote for one of the finalists’ works. The winner of the Grand Prix will be the one that will receive the most votes from the jurors. Decisions taken by the Competition Jury are final and not subject to appeal.

§5. Awards

  1. The Grand Prix prize in the competition is a Leica Q3 camera. The winning entry will be selected based on the Jury’s vote.
  2. The main prize in the Competition will be issued in accordance with the tax regulations in force in Poland.
  3. Sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation and Belarus, related to the military operations in Ukraine, close the way, in the event of victory in the 13th Leica Street Photo, to honor people living in sanctioned territories with the award.
  4. The works qualified for the final will take part in exhibitions at the Leica Gallery Vienna and other galleries cooperating with Leica Gallery Vienna. The Organizer covers all costs related to printing and presentation of winning works, organization of the exhibition, and opening ceremony.
  5. Additional cash prize which is part of the Main Prize will be taken and transferred by the Organizer to the Tax Office service.
  6. For each in-kind prize, the Participant will receive an additional cash prize in the amount of 11.11% of the value of the awarded prize. The Participant agrees to allocate the additional cash prize to cover by the Organizer the flat-rate income tax on the winning prize and therefore the cash prize will not be issued to the Participant. The organizer, as the payer of the flat-rate personal income tax, will calculate, collect and pay the flat-rate income tax due on the winnings to the appropriate Tax Office before issuing the prize. (Legal basis: art. 30 ust. 1 pkt. 2 ustawy z dnia 26 lipca 1991 r. o podatku dochodowym od osób fizycznych (t.j. Dz. U. z 2018 r. poz. 200 z późn. zm.)

§6. The course of the Contest

  1. Everybody is invited to participate in the Contest (excluding employees of the Organizer). Minors will be requested to provide the consent of parents or guardians to participate in the Contest.
  2. The condition for receiving a possible prize is providing real personal data.
  3. Entries for the Competition will be accepted via the application form on the website:
  4. Entries will be accepted from the date of the announcement of the Contest, up till 08/01/2024, 7:59 PM (CET).
  5.  The Contest Participant may submit a maximum of five photos.
  6. All techniques of photography are accepted. Topics should refer to street photography. The primary criteria for the evaluation of works are originality and quality of artistry. Photography has to be taken after the 1st of January 2023 and before 31 December 2023.
  7. Any collages, removal of photo elements, significant color changes, or images generated using generators based on neural networks will disqualify the user from the competition.
  8. Photos should be added through the application form in jpg format and a maximum resolution of 2000 pixels along the long side. The contest winners will be asked to provide digital data at their highest resolution – enabling high-quality printing in the 50cm format over the long side. If the Winner does not provide such files after the deadline of 48 hours from receiving the information from the Organizer about qualifying for the Final, the Organizer may refrain from awarding the prize and qualifying the work for the Final.
  9. By submitting her/his work for the Contest, the Participant declares that she/he is its author and has all rights to dispose of intellectual property related to the work. Besides, the Participant declares that the submitted work does not violate the rights of institutions and third parties, in particular, all persons visible in the photography, and that these persons consented to the use of their images in the Contest and their dissemination. In the absence of such consent, the Participant assumes responsibility for all legitimate claims of these persons and institutions. 
  10. The submitted works may not contain content intended solely for adults, including sexually explicit material, promoting alcohol or tobacco products, and other content, that is not legally permitted for public display.
  11. The decision, of whether the submitted photograph carries out the subject of the Content, is taken by the Jury.
  12. The Organizer will inform the winners about the results of the Contest via e-mail.
  13. The Participant agrees to publish the submitted entries during the Competition and after its completion, on the Organizer’s and Partners’ electronic information platforms, and social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) belonging to the Organizer and Partners. The participant also agrees to publish entries through the media cooperating with the Organizer. Such publication may only take place in the context of the Contest, its promotion, and information about the results.

§7. Licenses

  1. The author grants the Organizer a free, unlimited time and territorially license to use the submitted photos to conduct the Competition, its promotion, and promotion of the next edition, and presentation of results, including publications in the press, on websites, and as a Leica Street Photo exhibition.
  2. The license is granted for the following fields of use:
  • in the area of recording and reproduction of works
  • production of specific copies of a work, including printing, reprographic, magnetic recording, and digital technique,
  • in the scope of dissemination of the work in a way other than specified in point b, above – public display, display, reproduction and broadcasting, and re-broadcasting, as well as open access to works in such a way that everyone can have access to them in a place and time by yourself. In particular, it entitles the Competition Promoter to use the works free of charge by posting them on the Internet and in press publications related to the Competition, post-competition exhibitions, posters, and other advertising materials promoting the Competition and its future editions and all publications related to the Competition.

§8. Final provisions

  1. The Organizer reserves the right to verify whether the winners of the Competition meet the conditions set out in these regulations, as well as in the law. For this purpose, the Organizer may request the Participant to make certain statements, provide certain data, or submit specific documents.
  2. The Organizer’s employees and entities and employees of entities providing services to the Organizer when organizing the Competition based on civil-law contracts are excluded from the Competition, in particular, employees participating in the preparation and conduct of the Competition, as well as members of the immediate family (spouses, ascendants, descendants, and siblings) above